The Way Of This World

Message from God to Jonah as an Example of How So Many Everywhere on this Earth Run from God Today                                                                  

There is but only one way to know God in spirit and truth with His own words of instruction followed; but in this entire world of believers have never even been taught God’s direct instruction because this entire world of shepherds, teachers, ministers, priests, prophets and all psychologically led by the god of this world know not truth, [even though they all think they do] so how can they possibly be teachers of what is right?

They will all use their own words and scripture on Satan against me or any who teaches truth only through the words of God; and that is because the God they know not only destroys who they all falsely claim to be; and if you choose the ways, doctrines, traditions or beliefs of man over God’s written words I use in my published book and over 500 posted writings, you have made your own decision based on truth or consequences.

Let’s Learn from what Jonah Did to God. . .

“One day the Lord spoke to Jonah son of Amittai.  He said, “Go to Nineveh, that great city, and speak out against it; I am aware of how wicked its people are.” Jonah, however, set out in the opposite direction in order to get away from the Lord. (Jonah 1:3a)-(Good News Translation)-(GNT)

Any human being on this planet with just enough common sense to view this entire world’s civilization for who we truly are and have become will be able to see things they know not.

So what exactly can be seen from God’s point of view?

How about Earth with its space junkyard making threats to all humanity through many ways requiring a complete study for understanding?

How about our oceans lakes and rivers we have filled with every imaginable toxic, chemical, biological and nuclear waste including oil?

Just look at our world filled with waste!! And look at many within our human race who have grown dependent on that waste just for survival!! And religious people will tell you everything is fine while lip loving our Lord and God who they don't even know by God's own words they refuse to believe.

Just contemplate briefly on millions of contaminated syringes being just tossed in the trash everywhere while only spreading their content worldwide in dump sites or anywhere only for air and water to spread in unseen unknown ways; and with that thought just think of everything filthy, germ laden or anything unclean or pure as a threat to the human body while knowing these uncountable contaminates are everywhere always with the added filthy human ways in every part of this human race which only make things worse.  

You have seen just a few photos out of the never ending uncountable number needed to show what we as human beings have done to this planet via trash, toxin and filth wise. So now without media reports, bull spit and every worthless argument of humans as a complete waste of time, just think of humanities complete waste with zero respect to out planet or even who created it while knowing the huge massive amounts spread over land world wide are as nothing compared to what humans have dumped into the oceans, lakes and rivers everywhere on this once beautiful planet humans have become a cancer to.

Once again let's hear God's words to Jonah. . .

"Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.

When any just look at this world today filled with bloodshed and every evil way, they can clearly see through the words of our Lord "that great city"means all civilization because according to God's own words in Psalms 14:2-3, 53:2-3, there in none on this earth who do what is right.