The Way Of This World

My Sacrifices for God Through Faith with Trust and Dependence

How We Make Sacrifices for God through Faith

When it comes right down to knowing God our lives can make a complete turn around in many ways that only can be discussed and understood as comparing spiritual things with spiritual.{1 Corinthians 2:13}

Through my life of 51 years in America I had the good side of many things along with the bad; but walking into a life with absolutely nothing in material ways along with a multiple of hardships that became spread out over years can really work as a very strong drain on any person, yet when faith is our only anchor that holds us within the storms of life we come to understand why so many difficulties with nothing other than faith that keeps us together; and our faith tells us clearly that everything we go through with all that we lack along with all we must suffer physically, mentally and spiritually ---- that there is a purpose from God for all things; therefore we come into understanding after a lifetime that always lacked happiness with the addition of another four years of even greater daily struggles while still being dead in the midst of them, yet I and my wife just accept from God whatever stress in life may come just as Paul through his years of many sufferings along with all men of God because to walk with God means live according to His will and not our own which means that we are no longer our own selves to do whatever we please.

The good side of my life was that I could work; and because of my efforts with skills the very last job that I worked was a shutdown at Florida Power and Light which paid me $2,600 for one week of work. I also was a home owner with a few acres, good size brick home, a private repair shop and huge assortment of tools, materials and supplies to just fix most everything from mechanical to welding to hot pressure washing to sandblasting and painting; and with that had some quick muscle cars and more.

Also when through our lives past there should have been many times that we became as a statistic in history from youth into our years with some age but remained alive, we come to learn that there is a reason for all things when God as our creator becomes the center of our lives twenty four hours of each day for years with no other life. So when the time comes through His unfelt and unknown precise will, we just move on to another life that becomes very spiritual in seeing all things from a different point of view in ways that only God can see, but before we can even begin to see through understanding God from the “fear of the Lord” { } we must suffer while keeping our faith to become worthy of His calling.  So what’s the result?

 Being not of this world, different, not liked and persecuted by brethren who are of this world and without spiritual understanding along with sights of a world without God that has finally reached its beginning of the end with so very many uncountable happenings worldwide in such great measure that the blindness through ignorance with deception just completely amazes anyone who can clearly see what a whole world cannot; and for those who can see, our heart greatly grieves as we see the walls that offer no escape closing in upon a deceived world.  

But God tells why this whole deceived religious world through man does not believe “thy word is truth” as written because they are the Jeopardy answer of the question who has been deceived through the religions of man?  Would you like a very straight forward answer from me?  Are you a religious person who believes through the buildings of man?  Do you worship a long haired Christ? Do you participate in pagan holidays that are not written? Is God the front and center of your life who you acknowledge in all of your ways? Do you strive to live by every word of God through following only your Head Jesus Christ?  Are you fully aware that not even one thought that you have can be hid from God?  Are you completely aware that when any eat of the bread and drink of the cup unworthily that they eateth and drinketh damnation to themselves? 1 Corinthians 11:29

And those details of pure truth are the last anyone believes or wants to hear even though they are of the most important words that they will ever be presented with in their entire life because they include the two different roads which are with and without God’s mercy through these coming years that shall be the “worst time of trouble” that has ever been since there was a nation.  

When I left America I had no savings, investments or income of any kind along with just over a thousand dollars for the start of a whole new life in another country where their was zero employment opportunities; but God knew all these things while already having a way for me to survive which has a story of events behind it that if any ask I will share.

Therefore through persistent faith that I refused to let fall or waver, I have been accepting my life as a living sacrifice that began in January 2007 here in the Philippines.  

There have been so very many experiences with life over these past years that each time I begin to write them all it seems more like a book is required, and when words as a workman for God do not just flow natural and easily without strain, I know that it is not yet the time because only God is my guide who I follow with obedience. Therefore at this time you can easily learn very much about what my wife and I have had to go through by reading many of my writings through experience project and my many free websites also such as this one that shows some of our way of life.

With only God as my lead many more will be added from writings already posted along with new ones. So this site can change at any time.


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