The Way Of This World

Why I Read the Bible and What Faith Truly is Through Actions.


When a person, man or woman directly begins to lead a different life in ways that cannot be understood by a world of others, the reason is because it is the will through powers on the throne of the entire eternal universe; and that is because God who has created everything for a purpose also has no beginning along with having no end just as the universe with trillions x trillions x trillions of stars, planets, dimensions, black holes, and an unseen spirit worlds along with much more than our minds at this time can even begin to comprehend or understand; and the reason being that how is it possible to absorb an eternal knowledge?

If you were to ask a spirit who has always been when passing by on their invisible time machine what they have been doing, creating, planning or engineering for the past, let’s say, billion trillion years, would you have the billion trillion years required to listen with understanding regarding all that they had done, are doing currently and will do?  

God is eternal. God is everywhere always. God knows not time because He is now present and also watching as the earth was first created when all of the angels shouted with joy, and when He had to destroy the face of the planet because of the sinning angels, and when Eve was fooled by the devil and ate of the forbidden tree which made Satan as the father of lies the god of this world who has turned this entire human race against Him just as it is written in His words a world of believers don't believe; and His destruction is coming once again.

Therefore God has already seen the fall of America with the entire world on its heals to make way for the kingdom of God with strictly enforced laws of love that will put an eternal end to man's very pathetic rule over man.

I rest my case on the greatness of God that we all as human beings whether believers or non believers have not the capacity to understand, because if we could see more of God in His extreme greatness in spiritual ways through His words that were written for our lives, direction, thoughts, ways and actions with love as the base for all things, we would not be within this world of chaos filled with death and suffering.  

When an individual lives a life through years and years which they liked not through very many circumstances of various personal sufferings in health, mind, body and spirit along with a religious worlds silent hate against them that has been also accompanied with a loud and clear verbal dislike, or to be detested with persecution that comes primarily from a world of false brethren that can only tell you everything that they see wrong about you, it’s because it was written to be exactly that way for the life of anyone that has made their lives as a living sacrifice to the only true God.

Our Lord even makes the way that our lives will become very clear in His words of truth that we as believers have all been commanded to live by, but when any individual through God’s direction uses His own words to show this human race exactly as God sees them all, they cannot see, hear or believe one single word of God; and it is not for those who do as God instructs to judge, hate or condemn anyone, but rather only to deliver the message from God which plants His truth within their sub-conscious which will surface when they are within anguish and calling out to a God who will not answer them when in the midst of a whirlwind of death and destruction being full of distress with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as their lives just become moment to moment while never knowing when or how they will meet their own end.

Prior to leaving America on a one way ticket to the Philippines over 5 years ago I was a worker on the road {Highwayman} going from one job to another in different states as a welder/millwright for power plant shutdowns, steel mills and just any kind of construction, repair or upgrades; and during my last months in America I drove from Florida’s Key West to Sumas Washington, then down into Oklahoma, up into North Dakota and back down near Jacksonville Florida for my last week of work in America that paid me $2,600, so I knew the freedom of the roads, and could work very many hours when I pushed myself.


But when God leads we just follow even though in the beginning all we really know is just what we think without really knowing God’s plan aside from the fact that we had been reading His words on and off privately with studies for about 15 years prior to our departure in route to the other side of the world for a time of training, teaching, preparing, shaping and molding for what I am doing now that has taken God this past five years to do through a life of hardships, sufferings, needs, hunger, stress, hateful people, greedy people, callus people, hypocritical people, lying people and a whole world of people who are just people that know not God according to His own words through love they refuse to believe which fit a lost world like a custom tailored tight fitting glove; and it has taken me twenty years just to get my foot into His Spiritual world just as my beginning that has now reached it’s start for the “beginning of sorrows” that grows closer upon this world each day with what’s going to happen in America becoming as a nightmare that only worsens through these coming years. 

To walk in faith means just accepting whatever life may be while knowing there is a God Almighty in the heavens that knows all things, can do all things; and will do whatever He chooses according to His will in His own time and not ours.


I have now about 500 writings with about 350 that have been posted, and as we grow with God, so does our knowledge which is understanding of Him which is the “fear of the Lord” that must be earned through hard labor over much time with a dedication from our hearts that only God can see, therefore a thousand words of how much we believe and how much we love our Lord God just have no meaning if what we say is not very firmly planted deep within out hearts that can hide nothing. And what shows God everything about us is our hearts because they even tell God what our intent is regarding Him. So God already knows just who we are and what we will become because He knows not time or distance and has no limitations on anything.

Are you truly grasping how nothing can be hid from God?

To walk in faith means looking only to God in all situations and telling Him “Lord, I can do nothing myself” concerning your will, therefore I am acknowledging you according to your own words so that you will direct my paths; and leave it at that because faith is trust in what we cannot see, hear or feel. 

Because I was a working man who became used to seven twelve hour days, I depended on myself, but when God took me away from that life and into a life for Him, by January 2007 I had no money, no income and no employment opportunities in a poor third world country with just no hopes other than building a faith in God that could not be moved no matter what the storms of life may be.

When March 2007 came I met Mylene who was 18 years younger than me, full of faith, and still untouched by man at 34 years of age, and we became as one. Within the first week of our meeting each other in person came her 35th birthday on March 27th, and I had no money, so I hocked my ring at a pawn shop for 5000 peso which is about $100 dollars just so I would not feel like a worthless one.

Today is March 21st, 2011, {updated 1/7/2012} and in six days, Mylene who is now a school teacher and my wife is going to be 38, and yesterday I got a loan of 500 peso which is less than $10 dollars at 20% interest. And from when we met until now life for the most part has been day to day with needed staple foods, fish, breads, shampoo and many basic needs bought on word of mouth credit. There have been some severe illnesses where my wife was in the hospital and some on my side also, but just as in all things, God has always kept us afloat, but at His own levels for His own reasons with a purpose. Rather that going deep into the details that have been spread out through the years with no dresser, rat eaten clothes, getting the baby roaches out of my cornflakes before I eat them, soap and water with hand for the rear because tissues have not been seen or even thought of in 4 years now, hard times with immigration, the US Embassy, over 700 individual job requests through KBR with a willingness to go back into Iraq or anywhere in this world just to make a buck, years of letters, posts, and words with faith to a world of believers including posts in many sites, emails to churches, emails to brethren and family, prayer, much direct contact through the Internet with pastors, ministers and just so much through faith in asking only for bits and pieces as low as just any boxes of spare junk for me to sort, fix, give away, use or sell for bread and coffee funds has just never really happened, and there have been now well over a 300,000 views of my writings with added ones each day as I work in preparing a series of books with no ink for our printer, an old used slow computer that short circuits my injured brain with a hole in my skull where a small piece of it had to be removed from a head injury 22 years ago that God kept me alive through because He knew this day was coming.


Here in the Philippines a school teacher makes little money, but because it’s government, there are teacher loans easy to get through monthly payroll deductions; and because I can earn no money, my wife has had to get so many loans that her pay is down to about $80 per month, and then she gives what she can to help others, and also send what she can to help her mom and dad who are 80, have no income, and live in a real shack that can be seen through some of the links that I list at the end of this writing.

To me having to ask someone else for help has been only a real heavy load and a tough burden because there was a time when I had very much money, but my heart just trusted in to many people and gave to much away along with some bad investments that all in all took me for about $400,000 dollars. There was a church building fund, tithes, helping people in need, donations, sponsor a child, feed the children, home for battered women and just to many good causes to list because that was the way of my heart and mind, and still is with wants to help a world of people while not even being able to eat a good meal for years now, but my faith has become stronger than ever before, and grows moment by moment, day by day all for the preparation of what I am doing now.  

So why do I say or even mention the way that I am? Because God searches hearts, and if there is a genuine love in them, a multitude of sins are covered. {1 Peter 4:8--1 John 4:8} And if there is faith, God is very pleased, because without faith it is impossible to please God. {Hebrews 11:6} Through these years with God as our strength through many prayers together and always in silence regardless of our hard times such as when we had no power, no water, no food and have been surrounded with evil spirit from evil people, and so evil that when in tears from very evil words from one person--- my wife prayed to God to remove that person and she had a stroke, and we have never heard her evil words since.

My wife also has an abnormal heartbeat and many aches and pains along with a UTI {urinary tract infection} that tries returning, and being a very strong woman who never complains, when her cries in the middle of the night awake me, without money, medicine or anything but faith she will ask me to pray, so I do pray, but the pain remains, so I pray again while telling God of His own promises within His words of pure truth as silver tried in the furnace of earth seven times, and her pain goes away; and the next day she thanks me for praying as we both give glory to God for answering.

So faith is when no matter what cards of life may come our way, such as the cards dealt Job from Satan with God’s permission in the first two chapters of his book, or the thorns in the side of Paul which was the buffeting of Satan for about two decades that God would not remove that can be read of in 2 Corinthians chapter 11, or when we can see Jeremiah in great pain with an incurable wound that God would not heal when asked in Jeremiah 15:18 as the only kind of faith that is acceptable to God just as living a life of poverty at the lowest levels when in your heart all that you really want is the means to give to others because their smiles are your greatest rewards in life itself, and when you can’t even do for others because you can’t even do for yourself, it makes life even a greater challenge.


The greatest storms that have ever been are gearing up with the rpm climbing at a super rate all for that screeching hole shot with so much power by surprise that gets dumped upon an unsuspecting world with them tires and wheels becoming as spinning fire turning at lightening speed that will just completely disintegrate them with with the 456 gears and 454 with blower and nitrous pumping the rpm in the super sport that is no more when destruction cometh. In other words of plain English, even if you are Iron Man, you are going to melt. 

Faith is being hated by a world of false brethren who cuss you, curse you, mock you, ignore and spit on you with scorn, call you an author of the devil; and do it all while thinking that they are doing God a service when by His own words that they reject, they know Him not. So says the words of God that only few fully believe.

Through these years of having to ask for help with only shame brought on us from a world of loving people, I used to always have some hope, but thanks to God Almighty, I have no more hope in man because I have seen the way that God sees, so in editing I have often wanted to remove any pleas for assistance, but God has stopped me; and that is because through my many writings I have made it so clear that what goes around, comes around, or in other words, what we have done for others is what God will do for us in the great tribulation.

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy; to deliver their soul from death and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms 33:18-19        

“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard. Proverbs 21:13

“I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; when your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the Lord. Proverbs 1:26-29

This link below shows some pictures of a home that we rented for 21/2 years that includes another link which shows its completion being a native home in the Philippines.

In December of 2010 my wife got another teachers loan so that we could go via bus and Super Ferry to see her family in another part of the Philippines, and during our 3 day stay we gave and gave to help others and returned with nothing for the same life that we have become very accustom to. Since that time I have asked brethren or anyone that could help my mother and father in law who is a man of God with faith that has never had anything, I even said that just twenty dollars a month would be as a dream come true and a blessing from God, and to this day there has been no help, and my wife sends whenever she can, but as it is even we have a disconnect notice on our power which is a massive twenty one dollars. Welcome to the world of love from the eyes of God.

In this link below is but one of my dreams in helping others, and I just see all things as being if it is the will of God, it will be done; therefore in all things, we just wait on God with our faith as our needed fuel to sustain.

When our lives have been given to God, we are still human, we still sin, we still have problems and we still carry weaknesses, so we still dream, want, need, and we still make mistakes just as Paul did in Romans 7:15-25

But dreams are dreams, and when there is a world of children involved that are going to greatly suffer from a world of chaos they were brought into without invitation; if there own parents, peers, teachers, preachers and friends cannot guide them in the straight and narrow path, who can? My wife and I can. So I dream. So if I was a billionaire. . . .

To have faith while walking in faith as you live in faith as your only fuel to keep you going with trust in only God is the only faith that we can have that pleases Him, because with that faith, we just wait because only God can do all things; so if we suffer, He has a purpose, when our needs reach limits that are really hard on us, He already knows our every need before we even ask. So when we do cast all of our cares upon Him because He cares for us, in faith all that we can do is wait while knowing that He does love us, and His words are pure.

May God Be With You In Spiritual Ways That Draw You Away From This World 

Because my only breath and fuel for my life is the word of God, I just ride the storms of life while knowing that the worst of now and today will be as a blessing of joy when compared with the severe brutality of life for all within the worst timesoftrouble to ever strike this entire world; and my job as a workman for God is to assist in preparing as many spiritually that have ears to hear.

Just a quick glance within this link will show just how dedicated my time has become for only truth which concerns every human being on earth.

This writing is most important for all who believe, and that’s because it shows why what they need is not taught through the religions of man.

This link below tells of who we are, why we were created, who Satan is, and why he was created, and of the universe that was created to be inhabited----but not with the scum of all who have not overcome the god of this world who is the god of everything dark, wrong and totally counterfeit. 

God can never be known without the WORD which becomes their only educator because the spirit of man has not the Spirit of God.

This link is a very good example of how the life of faith can be; and a tough one it is.

Some very stable words on what God says that believers just flat out don’t believe.

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